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  • The Kidney at a Glance

  • ISBN:9780632052066
  • Publisher:Blackwell
  • Autor: O'Callaghan Christopher, Brenner Barry
  • Category:Series » At A Glance
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Published: 2000-12-01
Pages: 120
Format:  276 x 219 mm

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    "The Kidney at a Glance" presents the information required by medical students in the concise, easy to learn format of the "At a Glance" series. The familiar double page spread format of one page of illustrations and one page of text for each topic is used to present the kidney and urinary tract, starting with basic anatomy and physiology, and working up to the pathologies and presentations of renal and urinary tract disease. The full range of topics includes the difficult areas of water and salt homeostasis, acid-base balance as well as the endocrine and secretory functions of the kidney which includes the renin-angiotensin system and erythropoietin production. A unique chapter covers the molecular genetics of kidney disease, including polycystic kidney disease and other disorders. The book covers all aspects of basic science relevant to the kidney and will be of interest to medical students following both traditional and integrated courses and students of nursing with an interest in the renal system. USMLE, MRCP and MRCS candidates will find it a useful revision aid for these examinations. Key Features: provides a comprehensive account of modern basic renal science and clinical nephrology; the first book of this type to contain the latest molecular and physiological developments; clear and simple diagrams, photographs, explanatory figures and text present the subject in a new and easy to understand way; and contains all that a medical student or more advanced trainee would need to know on the subject, providing them with an easy-to-grasp and scientifically rigorous understanding of kidney function and disease.

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