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  • History and Examination at a Glance

  • ISBN:9780632059669
  • Publisher:Blackwell
  • Autor: Gleadle Jonathan
  • Category:Internal Medicine
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Published: 2003-03-18
Pages: 216
Format: 279 x 222 mm

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    History and Examination At a Glance provides a concise, readily accessible introduction and revision guide designed in accordance with current teaching practice. The book follows the easy-to-use At a Glance format of double page spreads composed of clear memorable diagrams that support accompanying key facts and essential information. For ease of understanding, the book has a four-part approach. Section I introduces students to key history taking and communication skills including relationships with patients, family history, functional enquiry and more. Section II covers the history and examination of the systems as well as the principles and presentation of a history and examination. Section III and IV cover all the common clinical presentations and system based conditions, how they present and how to make a diagnosis. These include topics from chest pain, headache, unconscious patient, attempted suicide and trauma to aortic aneurysm, renal failure, asthma, stroke and much more. History and Examination At a Glance will be an essential resource for all medical students as well as students in other health professions. It is ideal for clinical training, for the run up to OSCE as well as other clinical examinations and it will be an absolute cornerstone to anyone's clinical attachments! The book is designed to fit into the reading time as well as the budget of students and trainees. Edition: First, Pub Date: 2003, Pages: 208, Illustrations: 117, Paperback

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